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Tip for Tuesday: Telling Time


If you want extra English practice, throughout the day, look at the clock and say the time. Practice saying it in various ways. For example, if it’s 10:50, you can say:

  • It’s ten fifty.
  • It’s ten to eleven.
  • It’s fifty past ten.

To approximate the time, use about or around. At 10:51, you can say:

  • It’s about ten fifty.
  • It’s around ten to eleven.

Puzzling Plurals: Dollars

Whenever you see the $ symbol in front of a number, you should use the word “dollar” after the symbol.  Like any regular count nouns, you have to add an –s to indicate the amount is more than 1.

For example:

  • $50 – fifty dollars.
  • $1 – one dollar

When cents are involved, use the dollar amount to determine if the dollar is plural.

  • $50.50 – fifty dollars and fifty cents
  • $1.50 – one dollar and fifty cents (or, more commonly, a dollar fifty)