Bad Writing

Maybe at one point in time, you have rolled your eyes at something someone said that confirmed your belief at how poorly educated Americans are.  This tumblr, as seen on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, will provide further evidence to support your conviction.

From a linguistic perspective, some of the errors presented in the tumblr are simply from making distinctions between morphemes (Fromkin, Rodman & Hyams, 2003), creating words and phrases that are different from the original, and perhaps well-known, phrase.  One example is, “Two pees in a pot,” instead of “Two peas in a pod”.  The only error here, then, would be the writer’s lack of exposure to the original phrase.

The website is mostly fun because of how English can be manipulated so easily and unknowingly, and in some cases, it’s a little discouraging that these students didn’t proofread or edit before submitting their work.


Fromkin, V., Rodman, R. Hyams, N. (2003). An introduction to language (Seventh edition). Thomson Heinle, Boston.

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