16 Things You Can Do to Learn More English

  1. Take a vacation.  Leaving your familiar area will put you in situations where you might have to use English more to get around.
  2. Take a class.  Any class will do…it doesn’t need to be an English class.
  3. Talk to people around you.  If you’re in a familiar situation on a regular basis (like a class) talk to people you don’t know very well.
  4. Volunteer in the community.
  5. Get to know your neighbors – bond over the loose step that the landlord needs to fix or the noisy couple upstairs.
  6. Gossip.  Read People, Time, or Us and share what you know about Kim, Ashton, and Brad.
  7. Hang out with people outside of your native language group.
  8. Go to the movies.  Renting works too, but be honest with yourself.  If you rent a movie, you’re going to use subtitles, aren’t you? That won’t help you as much.
  9. Teach English.  Share what you learned in English with other people.  They might be interested, and you will be surprised at how much you actually know.
  10. Read books in English.
  11. Select English as the default setting for your electronics.
  12. Make shopping lists in English instead of your native language.
  13. Learn how to play a board game by reading the English instructions.
  14. Have dinner with English speakers regularly.
  15. Talk more.  Seriously.  In every situation (shopping, going out, seeing a movie, waiting for a show to start, standing in line), just make some small talk.
  16. Fall in love with someone who speaks English.


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