ALLENGLISH LLC is a small business I developed to meet the needs of ESL students in Richmond, Virginia who prefer supplemental education through private tutoring or an alternative to traditional English as a Second Language courses.  Since 2006, ALLENGLISH has been committed to the individual goals of English language learners based on the philosophy that each person’s unique background, learning style, and culture enhance the development of their second language.  I have an MA in Education for At-Risk Youth, a TESOL Certificate, and over 10 years of experience teaching and tutoring.  I’m also taking courses in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

The activities, tips, and reflections you read here are inspired by my personal experiences as both a student and a teacher in university and community college settings.  When a student exhibits success from my explanations or demonstrates understanding based on my activities or techniques, I then blog about the experience.  Most of my posts are written with an audience of teen to adult ESL students in mind.  I also link to other websites, stories, and songs I personally enjoy that, with a stretch of the imagination, can be educationally relevant to the English learner or teacher.

If you are a student, I hope you can use the suggestions on this blog.  If you are a teacher, I hope that you find some of the material useful.  I’m open to respectful dialogue and encourage comments.  I hope you revisit this blog often and consider following me on Twitter @debraallen also.

Thank you!